Aural Histories Of The Jovian Survey - Book IV

by The Elderbranch Campaign



Aural Histories Of The Jovian Survey - Book IV, the 7th full-length release by The Elderbranch Campaign, is the fourth in a continuing set of interpretive soundscapes chronicling a future mission to search for life on Europa, and explore Jupiter's other moons. It takes up where Book III left off, with the team struggling against the siren beauty of the fiery Io... While sheltering in a cave to escape a massive lava burst, they make a shocking discovery that will ultimately open one of the greatest mysteries in the history of our species: Human genetic material from before the Mount Toba super-eruption! A time when we came perilously close to extinction... How did it get there? Were there technologies in our distant past that have never been found? Was there direct intervention by extra terrestrials? Was there a parallel evolutionary track on Io? The search for answers is now the mission objective!

Stylistically and musically the album follows in the footsteps of Books I, II and III, with synths, found objects and highly processed field recordings creating complex and vivid audio sculptures that act as soundtracks for the mind. ABSOLUTELY BEST EXPERIENCED OVER HEADPHONES.


released September 18, 2013

The Elderbranch Campaign are: G M Slater and Stephen Robert Rook Thompson.
Composed, performed and produced by The Elderbranch Campaign. Additional field recordings by Epanody, Felix Blume, Jakobthiesen, Klankschap, Tagigobaso - all made available via the FreeSound Project.
Recorded August-September, 2013 at their home studios in Nottingham UK and Santa Barbara USA.
Artwork by G M Slater
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives 3.0 Un-Ported License.





The Elderbranch Campaign Irvine, California

The Elderbranch Campaign is an experimental dark ambient industrial collaboration between American artist G M Slater (Eris and Dysnomia, 12 Frozen Radios, Occurrences In Rain) and U.K. Artist Stephen Surreal ne Rook (~UNUNE~/Agony for Pleasure, Spitune). They are known for long conceptual works that weave synths, found objects and highly processed field recordings into journeys of multiple styles. ... more

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